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[wtp-dev] (Continuing to) March to M4

I too want to thank ever one for getting us past the weekend and so close to M4
(as always, when the timing is tight is, nothing ever goes smoothly).

I'm not sure we've been exact about our detailed, day by day plan, so thought I'd
send this as a proposal.

1. Continue "continuous I-builds" as per same daily schedule (if map files changes)
until  Thursday at 3:00 (EDT).
[Naci, can you confirm cruise schedule ... I'm not sure it was ever updated?]

2. Let's target the Thursday 3:00 build as *the* M4 candidate, to get a week
of testing on a steady build (with only blocker defects added after that).

3. This is not the time to add new function or do major renames! :)

4. I think the main work we have to do this week remains unchanged,

4A. *test* main path scenerios this week and fix any obvious "blocking" bugs.
(I think if there's anything that's more relaxed now, a few "critical" and "major"
bugs could be considered if safe fixes through Wednesday and
Thursday morning).

4B. remember that if you are fixing things, even if obvious blockers, and even if
simple fix, be sure to open a bugzilla, documenting what's going in approximately
which build, so we (and everyone) will have an idea of how much is changing.
(given all the changes I'm seeing today :) no need to go back and document all those!)

5. There will be some churn in the build/pre-reqs as the approved "third party"
code from Apache, etc., is included -- Sounds like mostly resolved by Thursday?
Sounds like might be a little left to do after that?

6. On Friday, team leads expected to confirm that we have a build worthy of
M testing next week?

7. Besure API "overviews" are in good shape for review during M5.

I haven't talked to each component lead, or project leads, but believes this fits in
with expectations, so let me know if not, or if I've omitted anything that needs more coordination.

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