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Re: [wtp-dev] Seamless creation of project

Hi Usha,

Hi Usha,

You are not the only one who wants the default behavior of component creation to create an underlying project.
I can't promise this by M4, but we are headed in this direction.  Our component creation "DataModels" will support nesting the
command, and selecting the target project will become an "optional" parameter.

Thanks - Chuck

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04/14/2005 04:16 PM

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[wtp-dev] Seamless creation of project

Hi Chuck,

Are there plans to create a project seamlessly when a user creates a
component? I spoke with Vijay yesterday and he indicated that this might
be in the works.

The reason I ask this is that as per our requirements, we will be able
to support only 1 component per project. For the user experience, we
want it to be seamless to the user (the notion of a component).

Though we can use core eclipse to create a project and not use the
component framework in WTP and it will satisfy our current requirements,
based on our conversations, it seems that using the component framework
prepares us for supporting our component in other J2EE projects in

I would like to know if the seamless creation of a project with a
component (BPEL component)/seamless creation of a component when a user
creates a project (BPEL project) is something that WTP intends on
supporting (or is currently supported).


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