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[wtp-dev] XML editor Content Assist set to unconstrained?

I'm using the latest WST plugins built from HEAD, and am trying to find out why the content assist makes many more suggestions than might be expected, e.g. for a content model with a sequence (A?, B?, C?), the content assist will always suggest A, B and C regardless of the existing content (e.g. B and C may already be present).

This turns out to be partly because AbstractContentAssistProcessor:1593 (in o.e.wst.xml.ui.internal.contentassist) hardcodes the value ModelQuery.EDIT_MODE_UNCONSTRAINED in all calls to getInsertActions, which returns actions for the legal completions, and is perfectly capable of filtering out suggestions for existing content - with the exception mentioned below :)

Setting the value to EDIT_MODE_CONSTRAINED_STRICT is better, but runs into another issue. The text used for starting the completion ('<') is erroneously considered #PCDATA, and so all suggestions are evaluated as invalid by the schema validator used to sieve away illegal suggestions (this happens in DOMValidator.createContentSpecification:144, in xml.core.internal.contentmodel.internal.util).

Is someone working on this? Because of the recent package moves I'm unable to see the Resource History on any of these files, so I can't really tell. If not, I'll open a bug and attach a patch, if necessary.

Kind regards,

-- Steen

Steen Lehmann
Software Engineer Consultant
Novell Identity Applications Group

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