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[wtp-dev] The I-Build is getting hotter ...

In our pursuit of perfection, I have kicked off one more I-build to ensure all tests now run clean indicating the build will be suitable to begin Milestone shutdown testing
next week .. it should be available later this Thursday evening ... or, Friday morning, depending on your time zone :)

Assuming all goes well, please give this final I-build a little sanity check Friday morning to be sure Tomcat servers can still be run :)
and other basic functions indicate that all is well for more serious "P1" testing on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday.
I'll set Friday Noon to receive feed back on problems or requests for re-builds (and, I promise, I'll really wait till noon this week :)

I just happen to know that some teams still have some blocker and critical bugs to triage or fix, and some major package renames to adjust to,
so we will have to go through another cycle of "warm-up to final M" builds next  week. To make this feasible, with still some time left
to test on final build, let's plan Tuesday and Wednesday to do "warm-up" builds (in parallel with continuing to test I-build)
and we will expect a final M4 build to kick off on Wednesday, at 3:30 EDT.  (note, a two day cycle in stead of three, since should be fewer
changes being made).

This will give us Thursday and Friday morning of next week to do final testing, before declaring M4 on Friday, or ... by then, we will know if we have not met
our usual quality criteria and have to defer.

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