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[wtp-dev] The I-Build is getting warmer ....

Warm-up builds are at least building! ... but some errors have occurred in the last two, so I assume
a reminder from your friendly automatic notifier will help :)

JUnit Failures

org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.tests_             3
org.eclipse.jst.validation.test_        1
org.eclipse.wst.common.tests_           38
org.eclipse.wst.server.core.tests_      1

Compile Errors
/plugins/org.eclipse.wst.wsdl.validation_1.0.0/wsdlvalidateui.jar.bin.log       6
/plugins/org.eclipse.wst.wsi_1.0.0/wsivalidate.jar.bin.log                      6
/plugins/org.eclipse.wst.xsd.validation_1.0.0/runtime/validatexsd.jar.bin.log   6

Complete results at:

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