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Re: [wtp-dev] Continuous I-build warm-up?


But unfortunately thye I-Build is broken so you do not see the results :-)

In the new model,  the same I-Build warmup sequnce (three builds a days) that is repeated on Tuesday&Thursday now includes Wednesdays.

At 06:22 PM 4/12/2005, David M Williams wrote:

Its been suggested by one of our favorite component leads
[now, don't you wonder who that is :) ]
that we do the "I-build warm-up" on Wednesday's too.
Any objections? Can that buildserver handle it all that crunching?

If build team doesn't object,
I'll leave it to you to update the cruiseScript/config.xml
... but please keep us all informed -- I'd like us to do
immediately (this week) if no known problems.

Tuesday's scheduled warm-up's
11 PM EDT Monday

8:30 AM EDT

3:30 PM EDT

Wednesday's scheduled warm-up's
11 PM EDT Tuesday

8:30 AM EDT

3:30 PM EDT

Same times on Thursday for final I-builds
11 PM EDT Wednesday.

8:30 AM EDT

3:30 PM EDT

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