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Re: [wtp-dev] Server component

Hi Ed,

The wst.server component is currently focussed on "servers that you can develop and publish content to", since those are the types of servers that we're mainly interested in. That said, AFAIK it doesn't (and shouldn't) force the server to accept content and should be a usable base for any kind of server. All publishing and module related parts of the API should be optional or easy to provide null implementations for.

Anywhere this isn't the case, you're welcome to open defects and/or provide patches. If you have any other suggestions or input on how to support both types of servers effectively, please feel free to contact me offline and we can email or arrange a meeting.

Tim deBoer
WebSphere Tools - IBM Canada Ltd.
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04/12/2005 10:39 AM

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[wtp-dev] Server component

Is the wst.server component intended for use for things other than web and application servers? For example, database servers, business intelligence servers, and so on. I took a look at it but the concept of publishing and models seems pretty well entrenched in the API and user interface. What I needed was something that could monitor server health, remember connection passwords, start and stop servers, and provide a naming service for other tools that need to connect to a server (so every tool doesn't have to have its own define server command and server list).
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