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[wtp-dev] Thursday I-build schedule

Thanks goes to Ozgur for confirming. And thinking generally that if I'm confused others might be (which ... I know ... is seldom the case :) I thought I'd re-post the I-build schedule for Thursday. And, now that most of us have gone through daylight-savings-time change, I will even do the math for EDT:
        midnight, 11:30 AM, 6:30 PM.

And, BTW, no need to wait till asked for "Component owners must justify test errors" part. Let us all know status of failed tests here on wtp-dev.


= = = = =  original post = = = = =
Builds are started on 4:00 AM GMT,  15:30 GMT, 22:30 GMT
Failure Policy:

Rebuild until success.  (Success will be achieved when there are no compile/testing errors).  Component owners must justify test errors if they want to declare it a pass despite errors.  All other unfixed errors will be the source of public humiliation. You must fix your errors.  This becomes the top priority on thursdays.

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