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[wtp-dev] Success! (of a sorts)

We finally have a good I-warmup-build based on M6. Many thanks to everyone who help overcome the build process changes and errors in eclipse 'base builder', not to mention the usual compile breaks due to change in base code.  

There's still many compile errors which are almost certainly caused by my versioning and releasing some teams components before they were ready themselves to do so.
This is sometimes required to prevent the "project not found" sorts of errors that bring everything to a halt. So, please forgive me, and fix/release all you'd like now before late Wed. (Let's see if we can get a good I-build early on Thursday!)

We should be in good shape to stabilize by Thursday's "real" I-build. Just as a friendly reminder (mostly to myself :) there should be no more large changes in APIs or plugins structures etc., until we get a good I-build on Thursday. This is a time many teams are looking for a good I-build they can use as their target while they continue development, so please keep an eye on JUnit tests, and give some level of sanity checking to an I-build to make sure its an ok target.

Thanks again to all of you ... I know its been a busy week.

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