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Fw: [wtp-dev] Build Broke - current status - tests removed too

To get the first M6 based build to run, I also had to comment-out the test running too ... they also depend on "runtime only" version of WTP.

But, at least teams can see compile errors ... 35 of them ...

As to the WTP runtime issue: Naci or Ozgur ... if my armchair theory is right, and the wtp versions are not being produced in nightly ... either the build scripts need a lot of updating (to test etc with sdk version) or perhaps we could still produce the runtime version and just not publish it? (Of course, my theory could be incorrect and something else wrong?).

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Re: [wtp-dev] Build Broke -  current (non) status

I think the problem was solved and some notes/history just "crossed in the mail".

Now the problem seems to be with the "checkInternalUsage" tool

I *think* this problem is because that bit of ant script depends on wtp non-sdk build (zip) file, but that's no longer produced during nightly builds.

I've tried commenting out the tool run until those more knowledgable in this area can devise a solution.

We'll see how this "commenting out" attempt runs.

Thanks all,


= = = =

    [java]     [unzip] Expanding: /home/build-home/build-current-N/workdir/N-N20050403-200504030058/ into /home/build-home/build-current-N/workdir/apitools/base

    [java] BUILD FAILED

    [java] /home/build-home/cruise/checkout/wtp-N/org.eclipse.wtp.releng/buildAll.xml:102: The following error occurred while executing this line:

    [java] /home/build-home/cruise/checkout/wtp-N/org.eclipse.wtp.releng/buildAll.xml:108: The following error occurred while executing this line:

    [java] /home/build-home/cruise/checkout/wtp-N/org.eclipse.wtp.releng/buildAll.xml:512: Error while expanding /home/build-home/build-current-N/workdir/N-N20050403-200504030058/

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