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[wtp-dev] IModuleArtifact and Cactus Testing

Hi all,

As I mentioned previously, I am working on cactus testing for WTP. I think it certainly makes sense in the long term to integrate server-side unit testing with TPTP. However, until we get to that point, it would be nice to support something, however minimal. Currently, I have a very simple launch shortcut for executing cactus tests on the server. I have run into a couple of challenges, however, and I wanted to get a little bit of feedback from the community.


In my mind, the Cactus test case is very similar to the servlet case. You examine a CompilationUnit and if it extends ServletTestCase, it is a WebResource. I was able to do something similar (creating a WebTestableResource), but it required a modification to WebDeployableArtifactUtil.getModuleObject() to do it. The challenge is that the org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.web plugin has a moduleArtifactAdapter enabled for ICompilationUnit and unless I am mistaken, I can’t add my own moduleArtifactAdapter without clashing. Is this correct, or can two adapter peacefully co-exist somehow?


The other issue that started recently with the latest integration build (I20050331) is that in WebDeployableArtifact.getServletMapping(), the J2EEWebNatureRuntimeUtilities.getJ2EERuntime(). I was using that to validate that the cactus servlet had been set up for the project that is being run. I have had to disable that for now. Ultimately, I would like to automatically add the servlet mapping when a test is run, but I have not figured that out how to do that yet.


I would be happy to share this code with anyone who is interested or I could post it to the group, if that is deemed appropriate. I am using some internal APIs and if there are more appropriate public APIs, I would definitely like to hear about them.







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