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[wtp-dev] Validation API changes

The following validation api changes have been released. Users using the framework need to react to these changes

IHelper -> renamed to IValidationContext

ValidationPlugin class has been made internal. A new interface IValidationRegistry has been created and the  api getValidator(String validatorUniqueId) has been moved to this interface

IMessageAccess interface has been moved to org.eclispe.wst.validation.internal.core as it was an overkill to expose this interface and IReporter has changed to react to this change.

More api changes to follow tomorrow. Please stay tuned.

Please let me know if you have any questions

Regards, Vijay
Vijay Bhadriraju                                        
Rational Tools, J2EE Tooling              
Ph: (919) 486-1898, T/L: 526-1898    
Internet: vbhadrir@xxxxxxxxxx          

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