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[wtp-dev] Contributing improvements to Tomcat server support in WTP

Hi All,

I have contributed a few bug fixes to the Tomcat server support in WTP, but I have a number of improvements I believe are warranted and am interested in how best to contribute them.

One issue I would like to see addressed has to do with the configuration option "Run modules directly from the workspace (do not modify the Tomcat installation)".  I'm not sure it will be clear to the users exactly what this means.  It gives the impression that the installation won't be modified at all, which isn't technically true since running the server will modify log files and use the same "temp" and "work" directories the Tomcat installation does.  I have entered an enhancement request ( that addresses this by using catalina.base as a runtime configuration directory separate from the Tomcat install.

There are other improvements I have in mind, such as a Servers view popup menu command to clear Tomcat's work directory.  However, subsequent patches like this may need to build on, or be affected by, prior patches.  I'm not sure how to best approach contributing a sequence of related patches.  I could enter separate requests for each enhancement, and wait on submitting the patch until determining which prior requests are accepted.  Alternatively, I could open a general "import Tomcat support" enhancement and provide cumulative patches, if necessary.  I'm open to other alternatives as well and am asking here to see if there is a preferred approach.

As a Jakarta Tomcat committer and a past release manager for Tomcat 3.3, I also plan to contribute support for Tomcat 3.3.x.  Addressing the first issue above would have an impact on how to implement this, so I would like to see it settled first.  I'm also willing to answer questions and provide assistance with respect to Tomcat server support, since I'm somewhat familiar with the various versions, though not an active committer on the current Tomcats. Thanks.


Larry Isaacs
Java Development Environments
SAS Institute Inc.
Phone: 919-531-4415

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