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[wtp-dev] [action required] API Definition Progress

I've reviewed the latest API Progress report [1] and I see that we a making good progress and that people have been updating their component.xml files. We still have some work to do.

1. Would all component.xml owners please use the fully qualified component names ASAP. e.g. use org.eclipse.jst.server instead of jst.server. We need to adopt a consistent naming convention since our components will be combined with components from other projects.

2. There are still a large number of APIs listed. I see that many components have been cut down. At this point in the schedule, I'd expect that we should be over 60% complete on API defintion. Components that are not making enough progress to be close to 100% complete at M4 exit should be defered to WTP 1.1. Please update the component.xml files to remove these. You can exclude a public class from a package by disable all its capabilities. You can rename the packages to internal.provisional later.

3. There are now a lot of empty components listed in the progress report. Since they do not contain any API, they should be excluded from the report. Jeffrey, can you please update the report to exclude the empty components? Thx.


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