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[wtp-dev] CALL FOR SPEAKERS - EclipseWorld 2005

Another good opportunity to spread the word about the WTP project.


EclipseWorld ( is soliciting proposals for speakers for
tutorials and classroom sessions.

Submission Deadline: April 18, 2005

EclipseWorld is a technical conference for software development
professionals and managers using Eclipse-based technologies.

Classes and tutorials will offer instruction on the entire application
lifecycle using using the Eclipse IDE and other code from the Eclipse
Foundation, Eclipse-based tools, and plug-ins for Eclipse. Emphasis is on
practical, hands-on information that attendees can put to work in their
organizations today.

This event will feature a limited number of full-day hands-on tutorial
sessions. The tutorials will be followed by two full days of technical
classes featuring practical education on Eclipse software-development
strategies, tactics and techniques.

Ideal speakers are software development practitioners including development
managers, software developers, test and QA managers, and others who will
speak to their peers on practical topics, such as those listed below.

Sample Tutorial Topics Include:

* Understanding the Eclipse Architecture
* Introduction to using Eclipse on Windows
* Introduction to using Eclipse on Linux
* Introduction to Business Intelligence using BIRT
* The Eclipse Ecosystem: Tools and Plug-ins for Eclipse
* Introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming with AspectJ
* Sample Technical Classes Include:

Advanced Java Development using Eclipse Platform IDE

* Programming to the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP)
* Integrating Eclipse with the Ant Build Tool
* Integrating Eclipse with CVS
* Deep Dive: Understanding the Eclipse Internals
* Graphical Development with Eclipse, GEF and SWT
* Collaboration using Eclipse and WebDAV
* Web Services and Eclipse using EMF
* Troubleshooting Eclipse
* Understanding the Eclipse open-source license
* Refactoring with Eclipse
* Building Strong GUIs for Eclipse Projects
* The Eclipse Debugger
* Modeling using Eclipse and the UML2 Project
* Web Development using Eclipse and WST
* How to Contribute to the Eclipse Project
* Data Visualization and Reporting using BIRT
* Eclipse Integration with Tomcat
* Using Eclipse with the Struts framework
* How to Build Eclipse Plug-Ins
* Software Testing with the Eclipse Framework
* Building Secure Applications using Eclipse
* Database Integration using Eclipse
* Web Development using Eclipse and WST
* Advanced _javascript_ with Eclipse
* Description of Tutorials and Technical Classes

Tutorials are full-day intensive workshops. They are designed to provide
in-depth, hands-on technical training for attendees.

Technical classes are 90 minutes in length. Longer topics can be proposed to
spread across two consecutive sessions in a "Part 1, Part 2" format.

Event Schedule

Monday, Aug. 29, 2005
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.: Full-day Tutorials

Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005
9:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.: Technical Classes

Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2005
9:15 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.: Technical Classes

Speaker Deadlines

Submission Deadline: April 18, 2005

Abstract submissions including speaker bio by April 18
Notification of speaker acceptance by April 21
Final class hand-outs and presentation material by July 8

Preparation of submission

.. Title of class or tutorial
.. Abstract or submission, no more than 300 words, describing the features,
benefits and prerequisites for the proposed class
.. Speaker bio
.. Speaker name(s), mailing addresses, telephone and email.

Submit this information electronically as a text e-mail or as a Word or PDF
document to stpcon@xxxxxxxxxxx


Questions about the technical conference can be addressed to

Alan Zeichick, Conference Chairman
+1-650-359-4763 or alan@xxxxxxxxxxx

General questions about the event can be addressed to

Donna Esposito, Director of Events
+1- 415-785-3419 or desposito@xxxxxxxxxxx

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