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[wtp-dev] Declaring I-Builds


As you know, our build cycle is modified. We have a longer testing/fixing period for an Integration build. After the trial builds on Tuesdays the main focus of the teams must be to fix the problems in code and tests to create a successful build by Thursday.

After tuesday we will enter a two day test/fix period. You can call for additional I-Builds in this period. There are builds triggered automatically on Tuesdays&Thursdays if there are changes in the map files.

In order for us to declare an I-Build a success, a build must:

1) Compile without an error
2) All tests (bvt, api, ..) must pass

However, until M4 we will allow some flexibility in terms of tolerating test failures for APIs until it matures.

There will be a final build late afternoon Thursdays after which I will declare a 24 hour review period to the owners of components and tests that have failures to declare their component to pass/fail. We will restrain from doing additional build in this period. If all components pass we will declare the build a success. Otherwise the builds will be removed. After M4 there will not be any exceptions, a build must pass.

We will publish the reason for the build failure, recommend steps to fix them, which will include pulling components out of builds until they are stable.

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