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RE: [wtp-dev] Request for Feedback for ModuleCore/Flex Project API

CDT used to implement IResource and it caused them a lot of grief when Eclipse 3.0, I believe it was, changed IResource and broke their code at the binary level. The API restriction can't be lifted. According to jeem, Java interfaces should not be implemented by clients in different components, and this is the reason you see a lot of abstract classes in the Eclipse API now. Abstract classes can be extended and if a later release adds a new non-abstract method it won't break existing extenders. Of course you can only have single inheritance with classes. Adapters are often a good solution too.

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From your description, it looks like you are proposing to provide alternate implementations of IResource and it's subclasses. Is this what you are intending to do? The javadoc of IResource clearly states that it cannot be implemented by clients. I think you will need to define your own interfaces and not make use of IResource. I guess another alternative would be to push to have the API restriction changed. I can't comment of the probablity of this happening at some point but I can say that it will not happen for 3.1 since the API freeze is next week.


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