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Re: [wtp-dev] EJB Modules

Hi Naci,

I did send a note a couple days ago with Usage and api for the Nature relacement -  subject: [wtp-dev] J2EE / Flexible Project changes in 317 Integration build

Please let me know if you have specific problems porting to the new api. - I'll be on tomorrow...

Thanks - Chuck

Rational J2EE Tooling Team Lead
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC
Email:  cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 919-254-1848 (T/L: 444)

Naci Dai <naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: wtp-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

03/19/2005 02:29 PM

Please respond to

[wtp-dev] EJB Modules

Chuck and Michael,

Maybe you can publish a few pointers and roadmap for all of us who depend
on the changes for the Flexible Project Layouts.  EJBNatures, projects etc.
are depratcated now but the replacement is not in place.

It makes it a bit hard to have our fixes ready by Tuesday's build.

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