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[wtp-dev] FYI: API change - common.contentmodel

FYI to WTP co-developers.

We've made a change to WTP base code that moves the common.contentmodel project to "internal" and re-located it to sse.core.
This move to 'internal' will be carried through to all classes related to 'ContentModels'.
This has been checked into HEAD and will be part of next week's I-build.

There are several reasons for this change. The primary one is that the "spec" this was based on [1] never quite made it to "recommendation" stage at w3c and seems to
have been superceded by other specs. Hence, even though we've found it an important and useful API, we'll are reluctant to "lock in" to a spec that's been superceded.
As we move forward, we'll be looking ways to provide similar functionality in ways that's more consistent with with final, recommended DOM Level 3 API's.

There might be a few cases where this causes some awkwardness for clients. We'll be looking to fix/improve awkwardness for release 1 and provide explicit coding practices.

Community feedback is welcome (required!), if/when issues are noticed with this change.


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