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[wtp-dev] M4 milestone plans - incase you're wondering why you milestone-plan.xml won't validate

Hello component leads,

You might have noticed that your milestone-plan.xml won't validate properly.  Someone recently changed the milestonePlan.xsd to give it a namespace and that impacts all of the milestone-plan.xml instance documents resulting in validation errors.   Since giving the schema a namespace does seem to be the morally correct thing to do (all 'proper'  XML Schemas should have namespaces) I suggest that we update our milestone_plan.xml files to respond (it's a pretty simple change).

Below I've shown how to change your milestone_plan.xml file to make it happy again (so validation will work).


    <plan xmlns:xsi=""


    <plan xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
      xsi:schemaLocation=" ../../../../development/milestone_plans/milestonePlan.xsd>

You might want to make this change as you update your M4 plans.



Craig Salter
Rational Studio XML Web Services
Internal Mail: D3/RY6/8200 /MKM
Phone: (905) 413-3918  TL: 969-3918 FAX: (905) 413-4920
Internet: csalter@xxxxxxxxxx     Notes: Craig Salter/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA

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