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[wtp-dev] Component Overview Documents

Part of the M4 exit criteria for API definition is to have a brief overview document that "tells the story" of the Component API. For an example, see the Server tools [1].

The overview can be brief. It should not duplicate information that is in the Javadoc. Remember that each package should have a package.html that is included with the Java source and is linked in to the Javadoc. The component API overview should say how all the packages are related. This might also be a good place to mention any provisional APIs.

I suggest we adopt a simple naming and location convention for these.

1. The name of the Component API Overview document is: overview.html
2. The overview document is located on the WTP Web site in the corresponding subproject component directory:<subproject>/components/<component>/overview.html

For example, the wst.server API overview document is located in:

As usual, the source for overview.html should be overview.xml so we can apply the WTP-look-and-feel XSLT stylesheet to it.


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