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[wtp-dev] M3 Status - good to go

I'll vote "go" for SSE, XML, CSS, HTML, _javascript_, and, finally, JSP.
(And, I'll document "go" for Nitin's DTD component, he told me he was going to, so I'm sure that's just a formality, or maybe I missed his posting).

I think all other teams have voted "go".

I did check integrity of the final re-build, as follows.

I checked the function of setting several breakpoints in JSPs, and that worked fine (both in setting and breaking where it should).

To check integrity of the build, I compared with previous ones ...
First, I compared files and file structure ... the previously missing war file was present and was the only difference
(that is xerces jars still there, as expected). (Thanks Keith and Jeffrey).

Then I compared the config map files (via directory.txt file from build) and the sse.ui project was only change, as expected.

Then, I checked java source by importing SDK into an empty workspace, and no other java files changed except the Breakpoint provider, as expected.

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