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RE: [wtp-dev] RE: Committer Status for ...

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We should start to divide CVS access according to components, and only require that committers within that component to vote for a new committer. For voting purposes, components will really be more like subsystems, not the granular components we have at present. 
 I agree.  Perhaps Tim can help with that process.
Committers within a component should be aware of the contributions, so I don't think it's necessary to provide a lot of supporting information. If you don't already know about the candidate then you shouldn't be voting.  
I agree with that too. Note that I'm not voting because, honestly, I don't know these committer candidates. But I'd like to know more about them as an interested party to WTP. So I suggest this "give some examples in the nomination email" as a way to publicize their contributions beyond just the committers to the larger WTP community - contributors, casual committers, users, mailing list lurkers, etc. But it's just an idea... 

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