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[wtp-dev] Status of M3 build

Just to keep everyone informed, while not all teams have officially voted yet,
results are looking good and so far we expect no changes, except  ....

we have received a last-minute (tentative) approval from the Eclipse Foundation
to include the Xerces jars in our build. So, I will be asking for a re-build,
just to include those. This will make things easier for our end-users, even
though they will still need to do the "manual" updates for dependancies related
to web services. For those interested, this difference was primarily due to
Xerces being distributed before with the Eclipse platform (and an earlier
version is still available in platform repository as part of 2.x stream) but we
will are still going though the Eclipse Foundation's legal process for re-
distributing "3rd party" code.

This (re) build should be available early on Friday and, hopefully, promoted in
afternoon ... teams are not being asked to re-test this build assuming no other
changes are requested. Just a few of us will "sanity check" the build,check the
config maps, diff the build directories, etc., but if all matches, should be no
differences from today's build.

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