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[wtp-dev] status of M3 final build and things still to do

After a discussion with Naci and Chuck this morning, it was decided to pull the failing JUnit tests, they are only build/setup issues, nothing functionally is wrong,
and re-sping the final M3 build. The re-build will take place roughly 10 AM Eastern time, so a final version should be available roughly 12 Noon Eastern time.

Please use that build to do final regression testing on, and, component leads, give "yes/no" vote before the end of day (5 PM Eastern).

Another "todo" is to check the bugzilla lists ... I notice we have a 'blocker' and a few 'criticial' and its unclear when I read them if they are still problems or
if work arounds are known? Similar for "major" bug ... please make sure we've at least "answered" them, hopefully with work arounds or why its can't be fixed now,
or resolve it as fixed, if it has indeed been fixed.

Informally teams are reporting to me that things are looking good, so I think we are in good shape to enjoy the weekend :)

Thanks everyone!

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