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Re: [wtp-dev] [Vote] Committer Status for Jeffrey Liu

+1 for Jeffrey

Arthur Ryman wrote:

I'd like to nominate Jeffrey Liu as a committer. For the past several months Jeffrey has been extremely active and has made many valuable contributors. He has openned numerous Bugzilla defects and enhancements and submitted many patches whic I have applied. He is responsible for test automation and performance measurement, and set up our build process to run our tests and performance measurements. He also linked the test result pages to our build page.

Most recently, Jeffrey has developed a set of API scanning tools in our releng component in cooperation with the Eclipse Platform team. The tools are based on a component.xml descriptor file which specifies the scope and contents of a component. Jeffrey developed tools to scan components for inter-component API violations. This tool is integrated into our build process and has been adopted by the Eclipse Platform team. Jeffrey also just developed a JUnit test API coverage scanner that measures the coverage of API methods by JUnit tests. These tools will be crucial to us successfully managing our API definitions in M4.

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