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[wtp-dev] Web Services tutorials running successfully in WTP M3 candidate I-build 200502230727


I download the 200502230727 I-build for Windows 2000 and ran the Web services tutorials in the community page:

I am delighted to say that all 4 Web services tutorials run successfully with no workaround needed.  

I would like to point out that we were able to put precompiled JSPs for the Web Services Explorer in the build (thanks to Jeffery Liu), so the Web Services Explorer now comes up in about 7 seconds the first time and about 2 seconds the second time.  Also, invoking new function in the Web Service Explorer just takes a couple of seconds.  This is a great improvement from the the 0218 build last week.

Our team would be doing more testing of the Web Services tools as documented in the JST Web Services Tools Milestone 3 Test Plan and would report back to the WTP team.

Kathy Chan
IBM Toronto Lab
(905) 413-3022
T/L:  969-3022
Fax:  (905)413-4920

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