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[wtp-dev] Down to the wire?

Its Tuesday already! Unfortunately some of the fixes put in head late last night did not make it to this
morning's I-build, but I think all dev. teams can continue testing with posted fixes/workarounds
until the next I-build, on Wednesday (preferably with this mornings I-build, but yesterday's or today's
is up to each team).

At this morning's PMC call the commitment to quality was (re)affirmed, so the milestone will
be delayed, probably by one full week, if we can not make our quality target for a milestone
build. To be explicit, I've listed the quality criteria below.

1. "P1" functional items complete
2. running unit tests pass
3. released map files can be imported to dev. environment
       a. with no compile errors
       b. and no PDE schema errors
4. test tutorials can be performed without major bugs or work-around for "P1" items
5. posted test plans executed
6. all defects of 'major' or greater have at least been addressed (answered, if not fixed)
7. component leads all vote "yes" and no substantial objections from contributors

Final countdown:
     expecting a "good and final" I-build on Wednesday.
     re-test on Wednesday's build
     last opportunity for critical fixes by Wednesday evening.
     re-test final build from Thursday morning
     vote on Thursday, by end of day, for your component. (state status, or reason of "no" votes).
     promote to "M" build on Friday, if appropriate, or decide by how much to delay.

If anyone has questions, knows now they can't make targets, or needs help, please let us know.

Thanks everyone for all the hard work!

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