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[wtp-dev] How to get to our M3 by Friday?

I'm sure you are all aware, our M3 is due to be declared this Friday. I suspect a number of teams will have a number of fixes to make within a matter of just a few short days.

I suggest we follow following procedure to have any chance of making it.

1. Daily rebuilds at 8 AM Eastern time (3 PM in Turkey) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. All teams test every day.
With luck, builds will be ready for download about 10 AM (Eastern).

2. Component leads post bugs to be fixed and the map file versions here to wtp-dev for all to see.
This allows project leads to quickly review what the teams are doing and allows everyone to be aware of fixes/changes that are coming.

3. Be sure bugs to be fixed are at least "major".

4. Wish us all luck.

Suggestions welcome.


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