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[wtp-dev] Web Services Tools in WTP M3


After working through various build and dependency problems, last night's WTP nightly build 20050218N is the first WTP build that includes a  functioning suite of Web Services tools.  

The Web Services Tools provides an extensible framework of wizards, actions, preferences, code generators and Web applications to help Eclipse users create, publish, discover, consume and test Web Services chiefly for, but not limited to, the Java programming language and the J2EE platform.  Included in the Web services tools are tools for building Apache Axis 1.1 Web services and Web service clients on Apache Tomcat.

After you download the WTP driver, make sure you follow the procedure in these documents for downloading third party JARs required by the driver:

Without these JARs in the proper directories, the Web Services Tools WILL NOT function.

After following the above instructions to get the third party JARs, you can now,
  • Use the Web Services wizard to create bottom-up or top-down Java Web services (File -> New -> Other... -> Web Services -> Web Service),
  • Use the Web Services client wizard to create Web service client proxies and generate sample JSPs to test your proxies (File -> New -> Other... -> Web Services -> Web Service Client),
  • Launch the Web Services Explorer to publish, discover and test Web services via native WSDL and SOAP (Run -> Launch the Web Services Explorer).

These Web services functions are also available via pop-up menus.  Preferences for the Web Services tools can be set in Window -> Preferences -> Web Services.

A tuturial will be available shortly to take you through the various Web services scenarios.

Please note that the Web Services Explorer may take close to a minute to come up the first time it is launched.  It may take 20 to 30 seconds to respond when a function is invoked the first time.  This is because a large number of JSPs need to be compiled when they are first loaded. The performance will be much better on subsequent invocations.  We are actively working on a solution to have precompiled JSPs in the build to greatly improve on the performance.

Kathy Chan
IBM Toronto Lab
(905) 413-3022
T/L:  969-3022
Fax:  (905)4134920

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