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[wtp-dev] Fw: Upcoming important dates for WTP M3

My original sending of this note eventually "bounced" due to wrong address ... so I think Naci has already hinted at some of the answers  :)
but thought I'd resend as a reminder.

= = = = = = = = = =

Well ... we've (barely) made it past the Eclipse base M5 initial upgrade, and in a good position for the
final upgrade when its available this Friday ... this is a reminder of how tight the timing is.

So ... please no more "routine" API breaking changes! no more untested feature/map file changes!

Plus, Naci ... can you confirm if you will be able to update build to final M5 and baby-sit build machine

on (your) Saturday? Sunday? The Eclipse infrastrcuture is planning changes this weekend, so not sure it will be that
dependable. [I'm not really asking you to work the weekend :) ... just to let us all know what the plan is,
since final M5 Eclipse is scheduled "for Friday", I'd assume it'll be after your end-of-day on Friday.]

Also, Naci, can you remind us (or post on web) what the exact build schedule is for builds next
week. (I think you recall you have a specific proposal for a build every other day, but dont recall,

and don't know where to find details). This might effect when teams focus on testing, and when they

focus on submitting fixes for serious bugs.

Also, I'd advise no changes to the version of pre-reqs (GEF, EMF, etc.) unless a component knows

of a specific need or bug fix that would require an update. (just for simplicity and stability).

Reminder of remaining deadlines:

2/16 - TODAY!

2/18 - Friday, Final Test Plans and new mini-tutorials for new function for this

       Milestone, from each component team (please update previous tutorials where

       changed, include some regression testing on previous function,

       but focus on new function just added -- and remember, no need to wait until this

       final deadline if you can provide earlier!).

2/18 - Friday - Final Eclipse M5 due

2/19 - Saturday, move up to final M5 and pre-reqs (can build team can work weekend?,

       if so, I suggest one person from each component team be available on weekend to

       keep them company, and sanity test the results, to be sure there's

       no serious issues that would prevent further final testing during the week)

2/21 - 2/-25  Monday through Friday. Milestone shutdown testing, serious bugs fixed

2/25 - Friday - final M3 build declared and promoted to web site

2/28 - EclipseCon -- I've listed this fast-approaching date here to emphasize the

       importance of stability for those preparing demos, etc.

Please let me know if I've missed (or misunderstood) anything.

Thanks all,


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