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[wtp-dev] remaining M3 to do's for annotated servlet support


On the web side, we also have some remaining work items for annotated servlet creation that really need to be finished soon
as the M3 milestone is nearing.

Here are the items which need to be adressed ASAP:

1) A web preference section needs to be added to the xdoclet section for the webdoclet.

2) The web xdoclet builder has to be created and added to web projects.  For now, I added the same xdoclet builder from the
session bean operation into the servlet operation.  But you probably know better than I how this needs to be tweaked.  We will
also need any code to get the xdoc gen of the web.xml working.  Currently this is not working at all.

I will be creating the servlet tutorial so that we can test these creation scenarios on Monday, but I really need these xdoclet issues
to be resolved before then as well.  Do you think you can have this for M3?  Let me know if I can do anything to help.


John Lanuti
Software Engineer, IBM Rational
t/l 441-7861

"Well, in the end, my friend, we will all be together again."  -Of A Revolution
"I'll be awful sometimes, weakened to my knees, but I'll learn to get by on the little victories."  - Matt Nathanson

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