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[wtp-dev] WTP Editing meetings

Just FYI ... so everyone knows the same thing ....

I'll be hosting some "WTP Editing" phone meetings for the committers and primary contributors for the
editing components in WTP. These are intended to be pretty lightweight meetings just to check on status
and on-going priorities, but thought I'd inform everyone once, via this mailing list, if you'd like to see what we discuss
you can see the meeting notes in the 'meetingNotes' directory in the CVS repository under

We'll still make any major announcements/proposals, etc., on this list and/or web pages, but just thought I'd announce these
meeting notes once, for anyone who likes to follow along on the intimate details of our work. At this time,
I don't feel they are worthy of web links/pages, etc. Just wanted to be sure they were at least "public" via CVS.
[Question, if any, about things in the meeting notes can still be posted to this list].


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