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[wtp-dev] Upcoming important dates for WTP M3

Its that time of the cycle again, so thought I would explicitly summarize what's been
discussed and written in many different talks and notes and plans.

2/10 - Thursday - regular I-build ... most teams are planing to have all planned major
        function "in the build" by this I-build
        (its no show-stopper if not there, but, if not there, a note to this list would
        help keep everyone aware of status and last minute changes still coming).

2/11 - Friday. move up to latest Eclipse M5 I-build, and "all the latest" of GEF,
        EMF/XSDInfoset, and JEM.
        (early peeks indicate there will be roughly 42 compile errors when we first move
        up, so several teams have some work to do).

2/18 - Friday, Final Test Plans and new mini-tutorials for new function for this
        Milestone, from each component team (please update previous tutorials where
        changed, include some regression testing on previous function,
        but focus on new function just added -- and remember, no need to wait until this
        final deadline if you can provide earlier!).

2/18 - Friday - Final Eclipse M5 due

2/19 - Saturday, move up to final M5 and pre-reqs (can build team can work weekend?,
        if so, I suggest one person from each component team be available on weekend to
        keep them company, and sanity test the results, to be sure there's
        no serious issues that would prevent further final testing during the week)

2/21 - 2/-25  Monday through Friday. Milestone shutdown testing, serious bugs fixed

2/25 - Friday - final M3 build declared and promoted to web site

2/28 - EclipseCon -- I've listed this fast-approaching date here to emphasize the
        importance of stability for those preparing demos, etc.

Please let me know if I've missed (or misunderstood) anything.

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