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[wtp-dev] Re: Web service M3 code is building in HEAD, but it needs a few jars...

Dear Jeffrey,

Build scipts are made to handle this on their own.  Ideally, no one needs to upload anything.  The scrips can download all third part drivers on their own.  All contents of the localDownloads are fetched by the tasks in the buildAll.xml.  If you send us a manifest of what you need and where it can be downloaded from (URLs), it will be done.  The process is as follows:

1) Add the libraries to build.cfg:


#URL to Tomcat zips to be downloaded

2) Check if the library has been downloaded previosly, and get it:

Add the lines similar to the following in buildAll.xml:

<target name="getPreReq"  >
      <available file="${localDownloads}/${tomcat50File}" property="tomcat50.exists"/>
      <antcall target="getTomcat50" />

        <target name="getTomcat50"  unless="tomcat50.exists" >
                <get src="" dest="${localDownloads}/${tomcat50File}" />

3) fetchVendorContent.xml
        unzip and copy your jars (You have already done this it seems)

We have trie to update the scripts as best we could, please review and update if you need.  Or just send us a list of what you need. Looking at the scripts we though you needed:

tomcat 4.1.3

Are these the standard distributions?

At 11:58 PM 2/7/2005, Jeffrey Liu wrote:


We have just added the Web service M3 code into the build process. However, this code pre-reqs a few other jars to build. Can you add these jars to the ${localDownloads} directory on your build machine? I have packaged up a zip file with all the jars in it, so you can just unzip it in the ${localDownloads} directory. I don't want to attach the zip file in here because it's quite big... Do you have a FTP site that I can upload the zip file to (or does anyone have a FTP site that I can use)?


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