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Re: [wtp-dev] Flexible Project Structure Concepts Document

Hi Michael,

Well written document! :-)  Thank for the hard work.

I have question about server target.

In the doc, it says: "(3) The solution will not allow more than one
server target per module (and really per-project) at a time. The
ability to switch this server target (via some action or property
setting) will continue to be possible. Users that need the capability
to develop for multiple server targets will need to manually switch
and test as necessary."

Does a module being undeployed from the original server target when it
is switched?

If it does, undeployment following a full deployment can be very
expensive and taking tens of minutes with large apps.

If it doesn't, it seems that there is no way in web tools to undeploy a project.

Thomas Yip

On Fri, 4 Feb 2005 18:10:38 -0500, Michael Elder <mdelder@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Extended Team:
>         The following document provides an overview of the Flexible Project
> Support. We are targeting the completion of the first draft of the Flexible
> Project API for the M3 milestone. Most teams will not have enough time to
> react to the changes caused by this paradigm shift, but we should be in a
> position to bring them onto the new structure through the M4 cycle and
> update our design as necessary.
>       A more formal API and migration document will be delivered at the end
> of the M3 cycle in preparation for teams to migrate during the M4
> iteration.
> Thank you for your feedback.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Kind Regards,
> Michael D. Elder
> Rational Studio / J2EE Tools Development
> Ext: (919) 543-8356
> T/L:  441-8356
> mdelder@xxxxxxxxxx
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