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[wtp-dev] Re: Fw: WTP RDB Milestone Plan in XML Format


I'ccing the dev list since I guess I wasn't clear about the procedure. Maybe others have the same question. I'll write up a FAQ an this.

You edit the XML file. That's the source. Then you run the Ant script, build.xml. Run the main target. It will generate the HTML. Then commit all changes. The Web site will have both the XML and HTML. All links will go to the HTML.

You should have the whole Web site checked out. The root folder is www. The select /www/webtools/build.xml, and then Run As -> Ant Build.

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Der Ping Chou/Redmond/IBM@IBMUS

02/02/2005 09:09 PM

Arthur Ryman/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
Fw: WTP RDB Milestone Plan in XML Format


Do we check in the XML file or the generated html file?

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