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[wtp-dev] Update on builds and testing

-We have updated the build server to run Xvfb, a virtual frame buffer which allows the build server to emulate 1152x900 screen with 8 bit depth.

For those who are curios, the build server has a real display attached with X11 (0.0), however the build user does not have permission to use it. All testing takes place on the Xvfb which is display 1.0) The build server runs pretty much un attended at a data-center now. and its rebooted nightly at 4:00 AM our time for repeatable build performance.

-Also the according to the specification by the eclipse 3.1M4 driver, we have installed the mozilla 1.4GTK2 for browser tests.

The short of the story is, the build server can run ui-tests now, although you still have fix your problems :-)

Finally, there is Tomcat/Cruise Control running on the build machine so the typical 8080, 8000/1-10, etc ports plus all ports under 1024 are blocked for testing purposes.

Let' have a green build this Thursday!

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