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[wtp-dev] Architecture and Design "Snapshot"

Team ... just so everyone knows all the same information ... in my role as EMO Architecture Council representative, I've prepared a "snapshot" of our current architecture and other salient information about webtools project. The purpose of this (small) snapshot document is to be part of a larger "Eclipse Roadmap" document, which will be provided for public review (over next few weeks), and eventually for Eclipse Board approval (on Feb. 28th).

The snapshot contains the same information (currently even less) that's what available from our other web resources, but Mike Milinkovich wanted a pseudo-static-standalone version, so when reviewed, it would be clear everyone was looking at the exact same thing -- at a high level at least.  They do link -- fairly quickly, from 1 to 4 clicks -- back to our live content, so wanted everyone to be aware that some things, like page names, or anchor names should be considered API :) [that is, we should start to use re-directs if something obvious like "community page" was to change names or locations].

These snapshot pages actually exist on our webserver, but are not linked to any other page (and shouldn't be, since only a temporary location).

This page contains the general information:

This page contains a "picture" of how WTP fits into Eclipse ... I've tried to use the "blue and grey" theme here to be consistent with another overall Eclipse image, which will be pat of final Eclipse Roadmap (but is not presented here).

And, finally, the two sub-projects and their subsystems (here I've used standard UML notation, which I think is appropriate long term, and will allow least amount of "rework" for special documents)

I mostly just "copied/pasted" information available elsewhere on website, but if anyone sees any errors or have suggested improvements, please let me know.

Since we are the *web*tooling project, I do think we should have some nice looking, well behaved web pages for our site. And, I think in general this "small page", "drill down" approach looks better than just a big long document in HTML form ... so, if there's no objections, I'll continue working on this "introduction" to our architecture and design ... but as always, will rely on component leads to provide what ever comes after the component link (currently, just links to our component list).

In fact, just like we have common names for milestone plans under component lists ... I'd like to suggest we have a common named file, "design_overview.xml," for component list too, then other documents, such as this snapshot one, could link directly to a components "design overview" ... and from there, naturally, components could link to and document their designs however they currently are (or, currently have planned).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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