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AW: [wtp-dev] how to use Eclipse for JSP


Please ask your question on the webtools newsgroup, this list is intended
for developers only.

It is possible to use Webtools with Tomcat and JSPs.


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von Rune Runnestø
Gesendet: Sonntag, 2. Januar 2005 19:04
An: Wtp-Dev@Eclipse. Org. (E-post)
Betreff: [wtp-dev] how to use Eclipse for JSP

I have used my eclipse for some months now, and am about to take a course in
JSP. I wonder how I can use Eclipse as the editor for JSP-scriping. I have
downloaded and installed Tomcat. When I choose Windows->Preferences, then
"Tomcat" should be on of the options, but it isn't there.

How do I perform this - it is possible - isn't it ?

Rune Runnestø

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