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[wtp-dev] WTP M2 request for rebuild (already!)

In the last build (first one on 12/22), our intermittently failing unit test failed again. I missed a case of synchronization, so released another fix for it.
I actually did try and kick off my own build, but Cruise Control continues to say "idle" (does that mean its still publishing? Or hung?).
In either case, if it doesn't run by itself, please kick off another early build and we'll see if we got all the thread sensitive parts protected.


----- Forwarded by David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM on 12/22/2004 02:22 AM -----
David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM

12/22/2004 12:05 AM

WTP M2 (final?) release candidate build started at 5:00 UTC (midnight, Eastern)

I started build on 12/21 (but will may be dated 12/22) -- should be ready by 9 AM (UTC +2) .... For teams that made
changes pick it up, make sure changes work as expected, and
would be a good idea for everyone to give it a quick regression test just to
make sure nothing bad happened.

If anyone needs another build on Wednesday, 12/22, please post a "request for rebuild" here on wtp-dev.

5 PM Eastern is expected to be the latest possible time to do so.

Thanks all.

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