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[wtp-dev] M2 Ship Readiness Poll --- and next candidate build

Next Candidate:

For those of you who have, or are about to, release changes for the next M2
candidate, I will attempt to kick off another I-build on Cruise Control
at 10PM Easten time. If Cruse Control cooperate, that will make an
early morning build available for those in UTC+ time zones.

= = = =


XML is sound,
JSP, HTML, CSS, and _javascript_ is a little less sound, but quite passable.

I will still be looking into
and if a safe fix is available, will propose to include for M2,
since it can result in data loss while editing/formatting JSPs.

We've been though primary tests, (and we could even get JSP debugging to work,
once server could be defined and running, and, as others reported, had trouble
once locating source, but then seemed to work fine).

All unit tests all run without errors, PDE errors and map files are all clean (as far as I can tell),
and I appreciate everyone's attention to those details for our co-developers.

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