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[wtp-dev] small updates to milestone "test" section

Just FYI .. I updated web milestone plan section that talked about our testing and exit criteria.
(Its been in other notes, before, but thought the web update would help remind us :) and
from mail list some people are interested in helping, but don't know how to get started, so
thought some links and Naci's tutorial would be a good pointer.

At the same time, Keith Chong pointed out we probably needed a directory for tutorials
(especially those that were "top-to-bottom" .. crossing many components), so I created
and moved Naci's tutorial1 folder under that as the first one
(I don't think this was linked from anywhere else, if so ... sorry Naci, guess we need 'deprecation'
on web pages too).
  • 12/10 Build Candidate for Milestone
    • Code Complete
    • component test plans for JST and WST complete
    • Top-to-Bottom mini-tutorials will be created will created for testing (for example, see WTP Tutorials-Building and Running a Web Application)
    • milestone plans updated, if appropriate, to accurately reflect M2 content (e.g. if there's any "early" or "experimental" function)
    • exit criteria:
      • High priority items working
      • Fixed all priority 1 defects, and fix or answer all Blocker, Critical, and Major defects
      • All running unit tests passing
      • Plugin.xml PDE flagged errors eliminated

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