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Re: [wtp-dev] State of the build ... or, why I changed 100 projects this weekend


Thanks for the help with the build, we have set action items to address other build issues to resolve by M2:

1) Labeling test scripts so that Integration builds do not  run tests from the head.
2) Fix build reporting emails that cause out-of-memory problems
3) Speed up build process (optimize cvs update - find faster ft node on the network)
4) Javadoc builds

I would appreciate any other requirements/suggestions in the mean time

would recommend some "smoke testing" being done with it. but I think we'll need at least
one more I-build before doing serious Milestone testing since some problems with navigator, and
I couldn't seem to associate a server with a project (with the little bit I tried).
[editing xml and jsps seemed to work fine though :)

I will update the tutorial and report any bugs that I come across in the process.

Naci Dai,
Managing Director

eteration a.s.
Inonu cad. Sumer sok. Zitas D1-15
Kozyatagi, Istanbul 81090
+90 (532) 573 7783 (cell)
+90 (216) 361 5434 (phone)
+90 (216) 361 2034 (fax)

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