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[wtp-dev] Procedure for M-build candidate and shutdown

I don't think we've ever been precise about exact timing of some of the upcoming M2 details ... so, I'll propose some here.
Please provide feedback if they are not quite right.  This is meant to be just a refinement on what has already been stated
in M2 plan, which I'm assuming is still the plan (see

Please provide feedback, or agreement, by Thursday 12/9, Eastern time. We'll consider this the "final plan" by then if no objections voiced.

==== existing "plan"
  • 12/10 Build Candidate for Milestone
    • Code Complete
    • component test plans complete
    • Top-to-Bottom "tutorials" will created for testing
    • milestone plans updated, if appropriate, to accurately reflect M2 content (e.g. if there's any "early" or "experimental" function)
    • fix all priority 1 defects, and fix or answer all Blocker, Critical, and Major defects before declaring milestone.

    ==== added detail

    12/10: M2 candidate build has been planned for 12/10. I happen to know that many committers are taking 12/10 off work, so I suggest we just
    literally use the 12/9 I-build as the initial candidate. Ok?

    12/13: Next, by end-of-day (eastern time) Monday, 12/13, I'd like to ask all component leads to post "go/no-go" note here on wtp-dev:
    The meaning of this "go/no-go" vote is that some preliminary smoke testing has been done and build found suitable for full testing.

    12/14: Once all teams have reported "go", teams (and community!) begin full testing, opening bugs, with accurate severities and priorities.

    12/17: Teams can fix all priority 1 and priority 2 problems until 12/17, in head and released for build, with only component-team-lead review/approval.

    12/18 we upgrade build with Eclipse M4 (and "most recent" builds of pre-reqs).

    12/19 - go/no-go vote on suitability of final WTP M2 build (the meaning of the vote is if the build is suitable for full regression testing).

    12/20 - 12/21. 2 days reserved for regression tests. Only priority 1 defects fixed, with review/approval of Project Lead (Arthur and/or Naci [I'll offer to serve as "stand-in" for them, if Arthur and Naci approve that, given short time and timezone/geography constraints].

    12/22 - Project Leads (Arthur and Naci) review open bugs, test results, confer with component leads, etc. and decide to declare "milestone achieved" ... or not.


    Sound suitable? Anything missing?

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