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[wtp-dev] Problem publishing to server, using HEAD

I am doing some testing in preparation for tonight's I build.  I updated my
workspace from HEAD, but cannot publish my project to a Tomcat server.

First, when I attempt to create a new J2EE Web Project, the wizard only
allows creation of a new server runtime, but does not recognize the Tomcat
5.0 server already defined in preferences.  So, I create a new runtime, but
it never appears in the server list, so I can't finish creating the project.

I can add a server instance to the Servers view, and it finds the configured
runtime preferences, but my project web folder (created in a normal Java
project, because the new project wizard failed) does not show up in the
available projects to configure on the server.  This worked in last week's
I-build (although had a problem where I could move the same project multiple
times, which hung the server startup).

Am I missing something, or is there a problem here?  Nothing in the .log

Also, a compile error in the wst.server.util project:

The method getProtocolAdapter(String) is undefined for the type MonitorCore 

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