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[wtp-dev] WebBrowser & TCP/IP Monitor plugin renames


The TCP/IP monitor plugins (org.eclipse.wst.monitor.core and org.eclipse.wst.monitor.ui) and the Web browser plugin (org.eclipse.wst.webbrowser) have been renamed to match the wst component (internet) that they are in. This change was requested to match the WTP CVS structure and make the plugins easy to find for new developers to WTP. The plugin names now include the wst component name just like other plugins.

The new plugin names are:
org.eclipse.wst.monitor.core -> org.eclipse.wst.internet.monitor.core
org.eclipse.wst.monitor.ui   -> org.eclipse.wst.internet.monitor.ui
org.eclipse.wst.webbrowser   -> org.eclipse.wst.internet.webbrowser

This change has been dropped to the CVS head stream.

The server tools API changes and this change will both be tagged for the Integration stream tomorrow.

Tim deBoer
WebSphere Tools - IBM Canada Ltd.
(905) 413-3503  (tieline 969)

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