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Re: [wtp-dev] should WST have references to JDT?


WST includes tools the support the XML family of specifications, e.g. XSD, independently of a Web service interface.

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Re: [wtp-dev] should WST have references to JDT?


I think this would be a case for a component outside the WST (say a wst-commons
whichg you can download and install without the WST). XML is not necessarily
web applications. I use the same reasoning: if I can develop for theb without
java, I should not need the JDT. If I can use XML without a web interface (I am
not doing webservices) I do not need the WST.

But if it is on the WebTools Project and needs Java, it should be on the JST.
After all, if you can use the WST only to get XML features, why not use the JST
to get Java/XML features?

[]s, Fernando Lozano

> I agree in principal. Any generic function should be moved into the
> platform. However, some tools may be generating Java, even in WST. Not all
> Java related function is in J2EE. For example, what about XSD to Java
> generators? They are not necessarliy in J2EE so they should be in WST. Or
> the reverse, generation of XML from Java. You might want to access a Java
> model or some function that is in JDT.

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