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Re: [wtp-dev] should WST have references to JDT?


Please allow me do drop an opinion, although I currently have no contribution
to WTP:

> Whether or not JDT is a pre-req is a type of litmus test ... I think it'd 
> be very rarely needed in WST, if ever, but might sometimes be allowed if 
> it played some minor implementation detail that didn't effect the API. 

From the Web Tool Project objectives, I understand WTP should have no
dependencies on JDT becausee JDT is all about Java but WTP should be used for
develoment that does not includes Java at all. Say a PHP IDE using WTP for

But current Eclipse projects does not follow closely this concept. For
instance, VEP runtime can only run if you install the PDE. But why does I need
the plug-in development tools if I just want to develop Swing apps?

I guess these are cases where an implementain detail affected the plug-in
interfaces. A priori this is bad design but sometimes difficult to avoid in the
real world. Yes, if I am required to install the JDT to use WTP (or the PDE to
use VEP) this *is* part of the plug-ins public interface. And adds bloat to the
user environment.

Of course this kind of refactoring (moving utilities out of JDT and/or PDE so
other projects don't depend on them) is a lot more complicated as it requires
coordination between diferent teams, but it should be done.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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