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[wtp-dev] Please clarify current build process

Deniz or Naci ... can you clarify the current build schedule and composition?
Unless I'm missing it, It seems the plan document only describes what happens
leading up to a milestone. I've always assumed we'd do weekly integration builds,
and in fact thought they were on Friday's ... but now that I look, I can't find any
evidence of that. And, I do think we should do weekly ones ... but exactly when
isn't that important to me, but several of us have been discussing when to make
certain changes, wanting to wait until after the integration build.

Plus, someone mentioned it looked like Eclipse M2 was still in the build, but
shouldn't that be M3 now that they've released it?

Sorry if all this is documented somewhere ... but I couldn't' find it.
Then again, maybe I've been making unspoken assumptions?


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